Quiz Competition

QUIZ COMPETITION is to evaluate the knowledge of the students within academics as well as beyond academics. Quiz is like a game or competition in which someone tests your knowledge by asking you questions. So to make them familiar with it, NEW EDUCATION SCHOOl organized a Quiz  Competition on 19-09-2022 Saturday for standard 7th, 8th and 9th.


Four teams took part in the competition:

  • House of Hawk
  • House of Raven
  • House of Eagle
  • House of Seagull

There were four rounds :

  • General round
  • Rapid fire round
  • Audio – visual round
  • Buzzer round

A wide range of questions related to the constitution, entertainment, history, science, geography were included by the quiz masters.

The audience also enjoyed the event as some of the questions were asked to them also.

Winner : House of Eagle