Commerce Fair

Concept – Tata motors

The fair consisted of different segments and departments of production, sales, marketing, branding, storage, industrial unit, manufacturing area, advertisement through e-commerce, godown, after sale services.

The students tried to cover all the segments of how a company works.

The fair started initially with purchase letters and other company Secretarial letters which they learn through their Sp/CC subject after that the displayed models related how different segments are divided for manufacturing area and how finished and un finished goods are stored and transported through it.

The demand and supply effect was also considered through this segments.

Their was also a finance department where how the bank gives loans on purchase of the products of the company and how the procedure is done.

The students did their best by not only preparing the project but also explaining it very efficiently to the students and the parents ~There were so many parents that appreciated their hard work and also we were very proud to make our fair concept on Tata Motors because it’s an Indian company and we truly appreciate and support.

 Made in India concept